Demand for student housing continues to grow. Fortunately, RHAMCO is positioned to support both the property-owner and the student. We are experienced in and work diligently in securing the best possible situation for all involved. As investment in this segment grows and closes the gap in demand, many property management companies are still ill equipped to meet the requirements of an active student population. At RHAMCO, we have the resources to facilitate good placements and, at the same time, are dedicated to protecting the integrity and long-term value of properties.

We have a tremendously successful history of helping families and students find the perfect house or apartment. With units ranging from one to several bedrooms, we know we can identify the right student housing solution for you. We’re committed to carefully maintaining each unit and you can be confident everything in your rental will be in good working order. If one of our student rentals needs attention, all they have to do is submit a request online and we will address it immediately.