RHAMCO offers solutions for all types of property management situations. We take pride in our track record, which is one of proven successes. We have continuously gone above and beyond to ensure the happiness of our residents and the success of our clients. We simplify the complexities faced by our clients that allow owners to direct their energies elsewhere. Our property owners enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing their real estate development is being well-maintained and cared for. A committed focus on our residents combined with our market knowledge and experience has effectively minimized vacancies throughout our portfolio.

RHAMCO understands the intricate relationship between tenant and landlord, and expertly handles unwanted situations should they arise. Residents take comfort in knowing their property manager will respond appropriately, fairly, and promptly to their legitimate concerns.

For potential renters, our professional property management team takes the worry and hassle out of finding the perfect rental. We do the work for you and make the process as easy as possible.


Rentals – (Rent Stabilized/Free Market)


As the owner of a property with rent controlled or stabilized units, you may find the regulations and forms to be complex and confusing. At RHAMCO, we’re familiar with all specifics of regulatory compliance. We can assist you in protecting yourself and your investment. We’ll ensure that all issues associated with your stabilized or rent-controlled property are properly managed. When it comes to managing tenants, stabilized and rent-control ordinances, and legal issues that may arise in the care and leasing of your property, we can be your best asset.


Special Asset Services


We are well-versed in the recovery and stabilization of sub- and non-performing assets. We, at RHAMCO, are aware of the financial challenges presented by properties deemed as special assets and are committed to partnering with owners of such properties, assisting them through the redemption process, and recapturing maximum value for distressed assets. Ultimately, we will work together to decide if the best course of action is disposition or if the goal is to return the units to a positive cash flow situation either by means of lease or sale.

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