What We Do

The team at Rose Hill Asset Management Corp (RHAMCO) is comprised of distinguished professionals with broad-based property management experience. We understand each of our clients—whether board member, property owner, or tenant—relies on us to provide the expertise and innovative approaches to problem-solving that lead to positive results. We view every Resident as a partner and will go the extra mile to anticipate their needs and surpass their expectations.

We understand the challenges in today’s real estate market and the distinct needs of each of our partners. We have the latitude and flexibility to tailor our management programs to each property. RHAMCO assists board members, investors, and property owners with their day-to-day asset management, and partners with them to develop long-term strategies that maximize equity. We offer a complete menu of services that run the gamut, from project and building management; to tenant representation; to administrative, financial, legal, and marketing services; to unequalled customer service.

Asset Type

At RHAMCO we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop an investment plan that meets their investment needs and achieves target returns. Whether the goal is increased cash-flow, short-term asset appreciation, stabilization and maximization of troubled assets, or long-term wealth accumulation, our seasoned professionals can achieve and exceed these goals.

We differ from our competition by delivering quantifiable results for our clients. We are actively involved in the industry and community, which keeps us well-informed and always a step ahead of our competitors. Our extensive experience managing multiple asset types has led to a diverse portfolio. We oversee the marketing and operations for condos and co-ops; rent stabilized, free market, and student housing; retail space; as well as offer special asset services.


RHAMCO offers solutions for all types of property management situations. We take pride in our track record, which is one of proven successes. We have continuously gone above and beyond to ensure the happiness of our residents and the success of our clients. We simplify the complexities faced by our clients that allow owners to direct their energies elsewhere. Our property owners enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing their real estate development is being well-maintained and cared for. A committed focus on our residents combined with our market knowledge and experience has effectively minimized vacancies throughout our portfolio.

RHAMCO understands the intricate relationship between tenant and landlord, and expertly handles unwanted situations should they arise. Residents take comfort in knowing their property manager will respond appropriately, fairly, and promptly to their legitimate concerns.

For potential renters, our professional property management team takes the worry and hassle out of finding the perfect rental. We do the work for you and make the process as easy as possible.

Condo & Co-op

The quality of RHAMCO’s condo and co-op management services is unsurpassed. Our clients expect us to be accessible and communication to be timely. We exceed their expectations. Every feature on the map of community ownership is constantly on our radar—board requirements, building maintenance and upkeep, administrative support, financial management and reporting, staff supervision, labor relations, and energy audits are examples of some of the responsibilities we can take off your hands.

Our condo and co-op association members enjoy an enhanced quality of life and property value because of our meticulous attention to detail. We work closely with members to develop both short- and long-term strategies that will ensure the future strength of the association. Through our effective system of communication, combined with reliable service and industry knowledge, we make condo ownership easy.

Services provided for the following areas include:

Board Meetings

Attend each regularly scheduled Board Meeting.
Present a professionally prepared Monthly Management Report, informing the Board of all actions taken on behalf of your property in the month prior, of the progress of capital improvement programs, repair problems, or employee performance.

Shareholder/Unit Owner/Resident Relations and Communications

Act as communication liaison between the Board and shareholders/unit owners/other residents.
Respond promptly to requests for repairs and information, as well as to complaints and disputes between residents, by politely and firmly enforcing your established by-laws and House Rules according to your instruction.
Assist with the preparation and promulgation of building wide communications, bulletins, and newsletters.
Manage all purchase, refinance, resale, sublet, and renovations packages.
Oversee screening and compliance requirements to promote the interests and protect the integrity of the association.

Rentals – (Rent Stabilized/Free Market)

As the owner of a property with rent controlled or stabilized units, you may find the regulations and forms to be complex and confusing. At RHAMCO, we’re familiar with all specifics of regulatory compliance. We can assist you in protecting yourself and your investment. We’ll ensure that all issues associated with your stabilized or rent-controlled property are properly managed. When it comes to managing tenants, stabilized and rent-control ordinances, and legal issues that may arise in the care and leasing of your property, we can be your best asset.

Student Housing

Demand for student housing continues to grow. Fortunately, RHAMCO is positioned to support both the property-owner and the student. We are experienced in and work diligently in securing the best possible situation for all involved. As investment in this segment grows and closes the gap in demand, many property management companies are still ill equipped to meet the requirements of an active student population. At RHAMCO, we have the resources to facilitate good placements and, at the same time, are dedicated to protecting the integrity and long-term value of properties.

We have a tremendously successful history of helping families and students find the perfect house or apartment. With units ranging from one to several bedrooms, we know we can identify the right student housing solution for you. We’re committed to carefully maintaining each unit and you can be confident everything in your rental will be in good working order. If one of our student rentals needs attention, all they have to do is submit a request online and we will address it immediately.

Special Asset Services

We are well-versed in the recovery and stabilization of sub- and non-performing assets. We, at RHAMCO, are aware of the financial challenges presented by properties deemed as special assets and are committed to partnering with owners of such properties, assisting them through the redemption process, and recapturing maximum value for distressed assets. Ultimately, we will work together to decide if the best course of action is disposition or if the goal is to return the units to a positive cash flow situation either by means of lease or sale.


Maximizing the return on a commercial space requires a certain combination of professional experience, inherent skill, and acquired intuition. When determining how best to market a retail property, we look at logistics, local demographics, traffic, competition, industry trend, and, of course, the space itself. We work alongside the property owner to identify what improvements, if any, should be made to optimize lease opportunities. Once the space is marketed and occupied by an appropriate business, we’ll go to great lengths to ensure the relationship is mutually advantageous for both client and tenant. High rates of turnover compromise profitability, thus, it’s our greatest desire to place tenants that are going to have longevity.